sequel: a piece of work that is complete in itself but continues the narrative of a preceding work

Why We Do What We Do

We turn buildings into places worth caring about.

Think about the places that impact you the most. They are probably the ones where something important in your life happened. Or maybe it’s a place that reminds you of a certain person. For many people those places are where they connect with friends and family… where we write our “story”.

Sequel Architecture’s job is to help people find that story (whatever it might be) and turn it into a meaningful design.

The awesome thing is that this approach applies exactly the same to a kitchen makeover as it does to a historic rehabilitation, addition, office remodel, religious space, custom home, or restaurant design. Each client and building has a unique story, and Sequel Architecture’s process is built around telling it: understanding the context and establishing a narrative to guide the design.

The HOW is More Important than the WHAT

When asked about their process, most architects use words like “schematic design” and “construction documents”.  Sure, we generally follow that process too.

At Sequel Architecture however, we consider the so-called traditional architecture phases what we do but not how we work

The important thing to our clients is the HOW.  How do we make sure we are giving you the best advice?  How can you be confident that you are making a good investment in the project?  How do we achieve an efficient and effective process? How do we know if a design solution is “right” for you?

So… here is the HOW:

Meaningful Places. First, we understand each project’s unique context and each client’s individual story.  We call this the “project narrative”: a few sentences and images that capture your motivations.  What are you trying to achieve and why? When we get the narrative right, we know that undertaking this project will be worth it to you. This narrative becomes the framework for making all of the thousands of decisions we will come across as the project develops.

Distinctive Design.  “Design” is both a verb and a noun!  Think about that for a second… in our most successful projects, the clients care about both the process and the product. We can’t create meaningful places without a meaningful process. When we have both, we know everyone can be confident in our decisions and take pride in the solutions.

Conscious Details. We actively seek opportunities to enhance value through thoughtful implementation. We illustrate the project narrative through the architecture. Complete documentation helps ensure that the team “nails” the small things.  When we are confident that we are getting the big decisions right, the small decisions almost always fall right into place.

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