Sequel Architecture is growing.

We are a small firm launched in 2020, is seeking a part-time architect, designer, or emerging professional to work on design, documentation, and construction administration in a flexible environment. Our threefold mission is to

1. Serve clients well

2. Find meaning in architecture

3. Be nimble.

Towards this end, we pay a lot of attention to the process of design as well as the results. We work collaboratively with our clients, consultants, and each other. We are all about making the right decisions at the right time in the process. We avoid BS.

Perhaps you are an experienced architect looking for more work-home flexibility, someone in career transition, a part-time student seeking boots-on-the-ground experience… Whatever your circumstances, the right candidate will be: practical, communicative, thorough, flexible, and curious. You don’t need to know everything (nobody does), but you do need to be genuinely interested in engaging with clients and contractors on creative, effective design solutions.

Sequel Architecture’s “sweet spot” projects involve renovation, adaptive reuse, historic rehabilitation, mixed use infill, and other unique projects. But, it’s actually more about PROCESS than TYPE. We are nimble, creative, and emphasize strong relationships in addition to good buildings. Our projects are varied – we’ve got some super awesome stuff going down – from small kitchen remodels to house moves and historic rehabilitation, commercial tenant improvement to unique place-specific new construction. The common thread that ties them together is the strong client relationship.

For the time being, this will be a “hybrid” position. We will work side-by-side several times each week, screen-share at other times, meet up onsite with clients, and work independently the remainder. We will abide by CDC recommended Covid protocols. Many of our projects involve documenting existing conditions so you must be either Des Moines based or willing to commute here. We also work across the state, so on occasion, site visits within a few hours of Des Moines will be necessary.

The initial pay rate will be between $20 and $35/hr depending on experience and commitment.

To start the application process, please fill out our EMPLOYMENT INTEREST FORM (